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Zscaler + Network and UCaaS Partners

Zscaler integrates with leading network and communications providers to offer you secure, fast, and reliable access to apps from any device, anywhere.


Secure access for a cloud and mobile-first world

With too many firewall rules to manage, skyrocketing MPLS costs, and long backhauls to access cloud apps, branch networks have become too complex, too expensive, and too slow. With apps in the cloud, it doesn’t make sense to keep backhauling branch traffic to a centralized gateway. You can deploy SD-WAN to simplify branch networking and provide direct-to-cloud connectivity—but those connections need to be secured.

Unpredictable app performance

If you can’t prioritize traffic and enforce business-driven security policies, it may slow down your critical apps.

Frequent manual policy reconfiguration

Ever-changing cloud apps require time-consuming manual tuning of all your routers and firewalls.

Inconsistent policy enforcement

Maintaining consistent security policies across hundreds or thousands of sites is arduous.

The need for zero trust

Whether you’re connecting a single branch or a complex group of branches with SD-WAN, Zscaler ensures every user, device, and workload gets secure, direct access to any cloud destination or internet app. Zero trust security is automatically applied to every connection, eliminating the cost of security appliances and reducing MPLS spend. Zscaler enables the agile branch with:

  • Simplicity to reduce overhead and increase responsiveness
  • Reduced risk through identical security, on- and off-network
  • Scalability to prevent bottlenecks that sap productivity
  • Cost savings to prevent branches from becoming burdens
  • Flexibility to move quickly and pivot more easily
Zscaler customer Cushman Wakefield - Rob Franch

Rob French

CTO, Cushman & Wakefield
“Walk into an office in Hong Kong, Sydney, London, Boston, Los Angeles and you’re able to connect immediately with the same experience.”
Zscaler customer Ciena Wakefield - Ed DeGrange

Ed DeGrange

Principal Security Architect, Ciena
“[We were looking for] high-value security available from anywhere, anytime, anyplace on any device, and making it easy for our users to get those connections.”
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The Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange™ securely and directly connects users, workloads, and devices to any cloud or internet destination without putting the traffic on your network. Access, DLP, and threat prevention are enforced with simple business policies for branch connectivity that’s easy to deploy, hyper-scalable, and highly available, all while reducing costs.

Zscaler integrates with SD-WAN partner solutions to provide comprehensive security, visibility, control, and data protection for branch users going directly to the internet.

A Zscaler network SD-WAN diagram


Zscaler Internet Access integrates with industry-leading collaboration solutions to enable secure, stable productivity. One-click configuration keeps Zscaler in sync with UCaaS services as they scale, ensuring new IPs/ports can be explicitly allowed as needed and automating firewall rule maintenance.

For Zoom and Teams, Zscaler Digital Experience® provides an integrated view of app, network, and device health telemetry combined with audio and video calls—all in one place. Quickly identify meetings and users suffering poor performance, and track mean opinion score for each meeting participant in a single dashboard. Together, Zscaler and our UCaaS partners provide fast and secure connectivity, optimized security, and a better user experience for all your employees, anywhere.

Zscaler UCaaS diagram


Zscaler integrates with IoT/OT-focused network partners to ensure seamless operations and policy controls for IoT/OT devices.

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Building a secure, responsive network driven by the cloud and SD-WAN

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