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Introduction to Troubleshooting (EDU-260) - Part 1 of 2

Level 1 support and administrator group


This course aims to provide the knowledge required to effectively troubleshoot level one issues. You’ll learn to follow the troubleshooting process and localize, isolate, and diagnose basic issues, as well as get an overview of the fundamental troubleshooting tools, self-help options, and guided assistance from Zscaler.

Learning Outcomes
Review zscalers troubleshooting processes
Review Zscaler's troubleshooting processes
Explain zscalers troubleshooting tools
Explain Zscaler's troubleshooting tools
Discuss the self help support options offered by zscaler
Discuss the self-help support options offered by Zscaler
Identify how to get the help you need
Identify how to get the help you need
Recognize Zscaler's customer support services and touch points
Recognize Zscaler customer support services and touch points

Course outline



Troubleshooting Process

  • Introduction to Troubleshooting
  • Logical Approach to Troubleshooting
  • Troubleshooting Process
  • Troubleshooting Flow

Troubleshooting Tools

  • Troubleshooting Tools
  • Zscaler Client Connector Packet Capture
  • Zscaler Client Connector Logs
  • Understanding the Zscaler Client Connector Logs
  • Troubleshooting SAML Authentication Issues

Self-Help Service Options

  • Three Primary Resources
  • Navigate to the Self-Help Options

Getting the Help You Need

  • What to Do Next
  • Customer Support Services Demonstration

Zscaler Support Services




Self-Guided Lab Details


Introduction to Troubleshooting (EDU-260) Part 1 of 2 e-learning


Learn the key skills that will equip you to troubleshoot issues by leveraging Zscaler's best practice process flow and tools, self-help option, and support services. 


The lab environment is designed for carrying out the lab exercises in our provided manual. Your lab environment contains the resources needed to test secure user access to the internet through the Zero Trust Exchange. Your virtual lab environment will start with:

  • A virtual PC you may use for troubleshooting and testing as an end user
  • Login credentials for the user and admin accounts you need
  • A lab manual with a set of lab exercises to guide your learning


2.75 hours


Self-Guided Lab

Completion criteria

Complete all lab exercises

Available language


Price per seat

$300 (1 EDU credit)

Self-guided Lab Outline

About the Introduction to Troubleshooting - 
Part 1 of 2 – Self-Guided Lab

  • Lab Description and Scenario
  • Lab Setup
  • Lab Topology
  • Virtual Lab Networking
  • Lab Access Information

Lab 1: Connecting to the Virtual Lab

  • Task 1.1: Test Your Lab Access and Start Your Environment
  • Task 1.2: Join the Corp: Client PC to the Student FQDN on Azure Active Directory
  • Task 1.3: Test Zscaler Academy Portal SSO Access
  • Task 1.4: Download Client Connector Installation Package for Testing
  • Task 1.5: Install Client Connector with CLI Options

Lab 2: Troubleshooting  

  •  Task 2.1: Check Client Connectivity to the Zero Trust Exchange
  • Task 2.2: Check ZIA Authentication
  • Task 2.3: Check ZPA Authentication
  • Task 2.4: Check Zscaler Client Connector Connectivity
  • Task 2.5: Check Internet Access Policy
  • Task 2.6: Check Zscaler Connectivity
  • Task 2.7: View Support & Diagnose Logs
  • Task 2.8: Export Logs and Capture Packets at Zscaler Client Connector

Test Details


Introduction to Troubleshooting (EDU-260) - Part 1 of 2 e-learning


45 mins

Test format

17 multiple choice questions

Available language(s)


Price per attempt