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Zscaler + Imprivata

Zero trust security for shared workstations in healthcare organizations.


Zscaler and Imprivata integrate to ensure clinicians can seamlessly and securely authenticate in and out of shared devices, while user actions are logged for traceability and compliance requirements. 

Why Zscaler + Imprivata

Ransomware and regulatory requirements pose challenges

The healthcare industry is facing a growing ransomware threat. Legacy perimeter- and firewall-based architectures don’t protect against these attacks, and a single workstation can leave your network vulnerable to compromise.


Doctors and nurses constantly log in and out of workstations throughout the day, so ensuring the right users have access to the right applications is critical for cyberthreat protection and regulatory compliance.

Solution overview

Zscaler and Imprivata provide best-in-class zero trust security for shared workstations

To provide holistic, granular protection and rigorously ensure compliance, organizations must implement context-aware zero trust security. Market-leading solutions from Zscaler and Imprivata simplify secure access, reduce the risk of ransomware attacks, strengthen regulatory compliance, and improve clinician productivity. Benefits of this integration include:

Adaptive policy enforcement for shared workstations in healthcare environments
Zero trust security with role-based access to protect patient data
User action tracing for regulatory compliance, including HIPAA and HITECH
Solution details

How it works

The Zscaler and Imprivata integration works as follows:

Secure login

Clinicians use their badges to log into a badge reader on a shared workstation using Imprivata Enterprise Access Management with SSO. This workstation is protected by Zscaler Client Connector™.

Policy enforcement

Imprivata determines which applications a user is authorized to access, and Zscaler enforces those access policies.

Secure logout

When a clinician ‘taps out’ using the badge reader, they are logged off the machine.

Per-profile policy

When a different clinician enters the room and logs in on the same workstation, they will get policies relevant to their user profile.


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